Root & Restore St Paul

Nov 20, 2019

1 min read

#FundTheVillage in the 2020 City Budget

As Mayor Carter and the St. Paul City Council consider the 2020 budget and supplemental funding for public safety, Root & Restore makes the following recommendations.

Saint Paul deserves violence intervention approaches that are led by and center community members with shared lived experiences. We already have a Village of community members and leaders who are involved in and committed to intervening and encouraging positive changes for those who are at risk of or are engaged in violence — but they need to be funded and resourced to do that work effectively.

To stop the violence, we need to #FundTheVillage, not more police or law enforcement programs. We support the community investments in the supplemental public safety budget proposal as important first steps toward this vision.

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Sign our petition!

We are a citywide collaboration of individuals and organizations working to advance police accountability, community-defined safety, and racial justice.

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